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Multiple Monitor Systems

Multiple Monitor Systems

Working with more than one monitor will increase your productivity – this is a proven fact.

Make the switch to a multiple monitor setup quickly and easily with our range of multi-monitor computers, multiple screen stands and monitors, all delivered to you in a stress free, ready to go straight out of the box package.

We are experts at building multiple monitor capable computers and offer a range of PC and monitor arrays
dedicated to this task.

Monitor Arrays

A Monitor Array is made up of a multi screen stand and a set of monitors all perfectly aligned together, with our wide range of stands you can achieve the perfect system for your needs.


Dual 24″
Monitor Array

A Dual Monitor Array complete with two 24″ widescreen monitors.

Price: £280.00

Triple 24″
Monitor Array

A Triple Monitor Array complete with three 24″ widescreen monitors.

Price: £480.00

Quad Square 24″
Monitor Array

A Quad Monitor Array complete with four IPS 24″ widescreen monitors.

Price: £665.00

Six 24″
Monitor Array

A Six Monitor Array complete with six IPS 24″ widescreen monitors.

Price: £905.00